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See Appearance Dolls (Item) for the item, instead of the shop.
Keeper 3

Dollface says, 'Welcome to the Appearance Doll Shop!'

The Appearance Doll shop is located in the Shopping District and sells the majority of all Appearance Dolls. The shop is run by the Goatling known as Dollface. All the ADs in this shop cost 100,000 SS with the only exceptions being the 1,000 SS goats seen below and the Socialling AD and Dragonling AD that cost 200,000 SS.

Currently, there is no Appearance Doll that resembles Dollface. Krisgoat has mentioned that all shopkeepers will have an Appearance Doll in the future.

Appearance Dolls Stock[]

1,000 SS ADs[]

Non-Contest Dolls[]

Zodiac Dolls[]

Birth Flowers and Gems Dolls[]

RPG Classes Dolls[]

Fairy Tales Dolls[]

Tarot Card Dolls[]

Solar System Dolls[]

Decades of Fashion Dolls[]

Your Choice Event Dolls[]

Nature Event Dolls[]


  • The new starter ADs, 10 designs made by members of the site and 5 made by staff, were released on May 9th, 2022 [1], for the 10th anniversary of Goatlings.