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Baleful Bootique's Shopkeeper, Haunted Portrait

Haunted Portrait says, 'Greetings little one. All you'll find are cursed objects here. Don't be scared, Ha hahaha ha!'

The Baleful Bootique first appeared in the 2020 Monster Masquerade[1] at the Community Center. This shop can now be found at the Shopping District on Goatlings, alongside the other event shops. Team members can trade Cursed Coins, which are obtained from participating in events, for prizes. This shop was added to replace the old system of prizes in past Monster Masquerades, where certain prizes could only be claimed once per user after completing specific tasks. The prizes here don't retire and new items are expected to be added every year. The shop is open all year round, and players can make purchases at any time as long as they have the currency. All items here cost 1 Cursed Coin each. Baleful Bootique's Shopkeeper is Haunted Portrait.

The store was called "Baleful Boutique" when it was first introduced, but the spelling was changed to the homophonous pun "Baleful Bootique" in 2021 at the same time the stock was updated.

Cursed Coin[]

Cursed Coins are the currency used to purchase items from this shop after being converted into Cursed Coin Credits.


On October 6th, 2021 [2], a total of 27 items were added to the shop which were all inspired in ADs from that year's Monster Box (Deviled Egg AD, Zombie Punk AD, and Nocturnal Ninja AD). On October 12th, 2022 [3], a total of 57 new items were added, all of them being part of the sets of that year's Monster Box ADs.