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The Battle Center was implemented on January 1st, 2012 [1]. It features rotating seasonal baddies and their minions as well as yearly baddies based on the Chinese zodiac. There are also special baddies that come back every year and are only available while the events they're associated with are up.

Within the Battle Center is the Training Center, in which plushie versions of the baddies can be fought to help goatlings gain EXP and level up faster. Unlike the Battle Center baddies, the baddies in the Training Center do not drop loot, retire, or gain HP, but in return, these baddies can prove to be a much tougher fight.

Seasonal Baddies[]

Chinese New Year Baddies[]

Event Baddies[]

Retired Baddies[]

In 2020, the Battle Center started hosting variants of the Jestling Doppelganger during the Jestling Event that match the theme of each year. All of these baddies retire at the end of the event in April. While not confirmed, it is unlikely that these will return to the Battle Center.