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Welcome to the Coffee Shop, what can I get started for you today?

The Coffee Shop was officially opened on January 28th, 2021 [1]. It is located in the Shopping District and is the place to go if you want to get caffeinated drinks for your goat. The shop is run by the Goatling known as Justice.

The Coffee Shop drinks are used to raise the speed of a goatling, which increases the chance of dodging while battling. The max is 100 speed for a goat, which increases dodge rate by 40%. The Coffee Shop drinks are differentiated from regular drinks by their pink SPD+ stamp. Every drink adds +1 to a goatling's speed.

The shopkeeper, Justice, got their Appearance Doll on June 14th, 2020 [2], ahead of the shop's opening. The AD can be obtained during the month of June as part of an annual fundraising campaign focused on BLM.


Image Item Name Price
Affogato Affogato 180000 SS
AlfalfaFrappe Alfalfa Frappe 170000 SS
AlienBoba Alien Boba 150000 SS
BirthdayCakeLatte Birthday Cake Latte 180000 SS
BlackSunriseEspresso Black Sunrise Espresso 160000 SS
BlueTaurus Blue Taurus 160000 SS
BrownSugarMatcha Brown Sugar Matcha 180000 SS
ButterCoffee Butter Coffee 180000 SS
CauldronCoffee Cauldron Coffee 170000 SS
ChaiLatte Chai Latte 180000 SS
ChangelingLatte Changeling Latte 180000 SS
CinnamonConeCoffee Cinnamon Cone Coffee 160000 SS
CoffeeJelly Coffee Jelly 180000 SS
CoffeeMilkTea Coffee Milk Tea 180000 SS
Cortado Cortado 160000 SS
CosyCoffee Cosy Coffee 150000 SS
CrabappleTea Crabapple Tea 180000 SS
CupOfStarsTea Cup Of Stars Tea 180000 SS
CupsOfLove Cups Of Love 180000 SS
DalgonaCoffee Dalgona Coffee 160000 SS
DemonBoba Demon Boba 150000 SS
DoppioEspresso Doppio Espresso 150000 SS
EggCoffee Egg Coffee 180000 SS
EnergyDrink Energy Drink 160000 SS
FairyTea Fairy Tea 170000 SS
FoamArtCoffee Foam Art Coffee 180000 SS
FrozenCaramel Frozen Caramel 170000 SS
FrozenJavaChip Frozen Java Chip 170000 SS
FrozenMatcha Frozen Matcha 170000 SS
GoatPrincessLatte Goat Princess Latte 180000 SS
GrayGoatCoffee Gray Goat Coffee 160000 SS
KawaiiIdolFrappe Sweet Popstar Frappe 160000 SS
LacedToffeeLatte Laced Toffee Latte 180000 SS
LisaLotsOFizz Lisa Lots O Fizz 160000 SS
LoveULatte Love U Latte 150000 SS
MapleLatte Maple Latte 160000 SS
MermaidLatte Mermaid Latte 170000 SS
MessyCoffee Messy Coffee 150000 SS
PrideFrappe Pride Frappe 150000 SS
PrideVibe Pride Vibe 160000 SS
SeaTea Sea Tea 160000 SS
SugarStarBoba Sugar Star Boba 150000 SS
SugarstarEspresso Sugarstar Espresso 170000 SS
SweetPeaTea Sweet Pea Tea 180000 SS
TakeawayCoffee Takeaway Coffee 150000 SS
TeddyMocha Teddy Mocha 170000 SS
WitchTea Witch Tea 170000 SS
JusticeFrappe Justice Frappe 180000 SS
RiverbedBoba Riverbed Boba 180000 SS