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Containers are a type of item in Goatlings that can be opened to receive items, usually of a corresponding theme. Containers are rewards frequently released for Events, and can be obtained from Exploring, Shops, Baddies, and the Gachapon in the Arcade


Players can play the Gachapon once per day, and will receive a random container.

Battle Center[]

Sometimes containers will drop from Battle Center Baddies and their minions as part of the loot of that month's set but will retire permanently at the end of the same month and when the current set is replaced by a new one.

Shopping District[]

Variety VIP[]

These boxes can be obtained from the Variety VIP Shop located in the Shopping District.

Princely Premiums[]

Seasonal Events[]

Many of the site's recurring events feature exclusive containers which retire at the end. There are also frequent Event-themed containers available in the Diamond Dust Shop, which can be purchased for Diamond Dust and will retire at the end too.

Sweethearts Celebration[]

Jestling Event[]

Summer Night Carnival[]

Monster Masquerade[]

Sugar Star Festival[]

Goat Token Game[]

Some containers can be obtained through the Goat Token Game. Items from the Token Game older than three years are moved to the Seasonal Antique Shop, where they can be purchased for Sugar Stars. 

Diamond Dust Shop[]

Seasonal Boxes[]

The Diamond Dust Shop has seasonal containers which can be purchased for 200 Diamond Dust each, and are retired at the end of their released season.

Permanent Stock[]

These are permanently stocked in the Diamond Dust Shop, and can be purchased at any time.

Fundraising & Patreon[]

Several containers have been released as part of various fundraising events. Some were originally only available to Patreon supporters before the site's fundraising revamp; those boxes can now be purchased monthly for real cash as a reward for supporting the site's ongoing maintenance.


Some containers can be crafted, but usually require retired event or Baddy items to do so.