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The Crafting shop is located in the Shopping District. It was added on November 13th, 2013 [1], and is the place to go if you want to craft items. Certain items/ADs can only be gained by crafting 3 items together. As long as you have the crafting items, you can still craft an item even if the item is retired and no longer available.

There are 9 crafting books and 46 craftable items. In each crafting book, Limited Edition items are marked with (LE). The battle weapons book, gardening book, battle defense book, and baddy plushies still have no recipes, but all the other books count at least with one crafting recipe.

Currently, there is no Appearance Doll version of Zurora, but Krisgoat has expressed her intentions to make ADs of the shopkeepers.

Crafting Books[]