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Daily Errands was added on May 2nd, 2021 [1], and can be found at the Arcade. Users are given 10 errands to complete within a day. Once errands are complete, players can collect a Daily Errands Sticker and 20,000 SS after completing them. Players will be rewarded with 25 DD after completing 7 days worth of errands. Missing a day will not ruin a streak, but after completing 7 days, the count resets to 0. This arcade does not require a fee to play.

Players can use their Daily Errands Stickers at Erin's Exchange for exclusive loot.


There are 10 fixed errands to complete every day. Errands that aren't completed yet will display a [Pending] status beside them, and errands that are completed will display a [Completed] status beside them. In order to be able to collect the reward, players must complete all errands found on the game page. Errands reset at midnight Goatlings time.




Rewards are not automatically awarded and must be manually obtained. A button will show up at the bottom of the list to collect the prize for the day. On the 7th day after collecting the prize, another button shows up at the bottom of the list for players to collect their diamond dust reward. Prizes can only be claimed once per day.

Daily Errand Prize


  • The original extra Sugar Star prize for completing one day of Daily Errands used to be 3,000 SS but this was raised to 20,000 on May 31th, 2024. This was only mentioned on the Dev Blog.