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The Design A Goatling Contest Event is a monthly contest where members can create and vote for a Goatling design based on a given theme. Every year a new overall theme is announced, while every month has its own specific theme that ties in with it. The winning designs and accompanying items are available to purchase in the Shopping District.

The event went on hiatus in 2020 and promptly returned in 2021 with a free-for-all theme.

General Submission and Contest Information[]

Contests start at the beginning of each month and run for about 4 weeks total, with only 1 week to vote for the top design.

There are three winners each month, but only the 1st place winning design for each contest becomes an official in-game item. All design participants receive a prize inspired by the winning entry.


To submit a design, locate the appropriate submission thread that will say ENTRIES OPEN in the title of the topic. Upload your design to an image hosting site, like imgur, and post the image using HTML in the aforementioned thread. For more information on how to post an image, this topic is a good start.

The rules for submission threads are as followed:

  • Members may enter up to 3 designs, but only 1 will have the chance of entering the final voting round.
  • Design must follow the official Design Guidelines.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome as long as it was asked for. Hurtful comments, or unwanted rude criticisms about designs will result in forum access being revoked or banned from the site.
  • Reserving spots is not allowed.
  • Members have up to 3 weeks to submit a design from the start of submissions opening.
  • There is a 2 month cool down for 1st place winners of a Design A Goatling contest.
  • Designing accompanying items is not necessary for submitting, but it is asked that members limit it to 1-5 items.
  • Votes in submission threads are not a guarantee a design will be placed as a finalist.

Finalist Voting[]

Only 9 submitted designs will get selected from the submission thread and be entered in the final voting round. Members may vote for up to 3 of their favorite designs per month. The voting period lasts for only 1 week. The design with the most votes will be made into an official Goatling.

Reward Tiers[]

There are different prizes for each tier for almost every year. ALL participating designers will receive 1 accompanying item inspired by the winning design.

First Place[]

For 2021-2022: The winner will receive a copy of the AD in game, along with an adoption ticket.

  • 2017-2019: A copy of the AD in game, and 30 Goat Tokens.
  • 2015-2016: A copy of the AD in game, and 20 Goat Tokens.
  • 2014: A copy of the AD in game, 1 million Sugar Stars, and 800 Diamond Dust.

Runner Up[]

For 2021-2022: The runner up will receive 30 Goat Tokens.

Honorable Mention[]

For 2021-2022: The honorable mention will receive 20 Goat Tokens.


Zodiac Event (2014)[]

Tumblr mzyxukiNhY1s9p6wto1 500

The Zodiac Event was the first ever major theme of the Design-A-Goat contest and went live on January 25th, 2014. Each month corresponded with the 12 western astrological zodiac signs, starting with the theme Aquarius-The Water Bearer, and ending with Capricorn-The Sea-Goat.

Birthday Gems and Flowers Event & RPG Classics Event (2015)[]

RPG and Birthday Design event

The Birthday Gems and Flowers Event was ran alongside the RPG Classics Event. Both went live on January 3rd, 2015 [1]. Birthdau Gems and Flowers corresponded with the month's associated gem and flowers, while RPG classics based off of common RPG classes. Members were allowed to enter both contests, but were not allowed to enter again if they won the previous month's contest.

Fairy Tales Event (2016)[]

Fairy Tales Event

The Fairy Tales Event went live on January 1st, 2016 [2]. The event focused on fairy tales around the world. Members could create their design around a character involved in a story.

Tarot Cards Event (2017)[]


The Tarot Cards Event went live on January 7th, 2017 [3]. The event focused on the Major Arcana. However, every month aside from January and December had two themes. Only one winner was announced for each month which led to half the Tarot not getting it's own official Goatling. It is unknown if the rest of the set will be created to complete it.

Solar System Event (2018)[]


The Solar System event went live on January 6th, 2018 [4]. The theme focused on planets, mythology, objects, and phenomenon that could be found in a solar system.

Decades of Fashion Event (2019)[]


Decades of Fashion Event went live on January 6th, 2019.[5] The theme focused on fashion that could be found throughout history, with fashion before the 1800's and ending with a futuristic style.

Your Choice Event (2021)[]


Design a Goatling returned after a year-off hiatus with the theme "Your Choice". Members were given the opportunity to create and submit their own designs with their own chosen themes. The event began on January 1st, 2021 [6].

Nature Event (2022)[]

Dag nature banner

Design a Goatling went live on January 4th, 2022 [7]. It started with "Woodlands and Forests". The theme focused on biomes that could be found on planet Earth.

Explore Event (2023)[]

Dag explore banner

Design a Goatling went live on January 2nd, 2023 [8], this time with a twist, with the theme of that year being "Explore" [9]. It started with the "Palace Garden" area. The theme focuses on designing goatlings inspired by the different Explore Areas that currently exist on site.

Unlike all the previous contests, the winning entries will be permanently added to their respective Explore Area and get a RAD version. This contest will also help pick new goatlings for a brand new explore area set to release at the beginning of the next year.

Crafts Event (2024)[]

Dag craft banner

Design a Goatling went live on January 5th, 2024 [10] after being picked as the theme of that year by the community [11]. with the theme of that year being "Crafts". It started with the prompt "Baking". The theme focuses on designing goatlings that need to be crafted using 3 ingredients (items).

Unlike all the previous contests, the winning entries will be added to Zurora's Crafting Shop and the items will be permanently available on the Shopping District.