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The Diamond Dust Shop (also known as the Cash Shop) sells items that are purchased with Diamond Dust (DD), which can be bought with real money.

Currently, DD can be brought through a choice of four transactions:

  • 400 DD for $5 USD
  • 1,000 DD for $10 USD
  • 2,500 DD for $20 USD
  • 4,000 DD for $30 USD

The Diamond Dust Shop stocks exclusive items and ADs, as well as monthly Limited Edition items. Players can also use DD to purchase upgrades such as a Crown Account, username changes, and additional Goatling slots.

Upgrade Items[]

Crown Account[]

Item 681

An item that permanently upgrades your normal account to a Crown Account.

Some of the benefits of Crown Accounts are:

  • Owning 10 extra goatlings slots (25 slots in total)
  • Access to the VIP Lounge shops like Variety VIP, and Princely Premiums VIP.
  • Username customization.
  • Crown Icon on profile.
  • 1 hour Love cooldown.

Crown accounts are 1000 DD.

Adoption Ticket[]

Item 778

Adoption Tickets are listed under 'Upgrade Items' and will permanently increase the number of Goatlings you can own.

Adoption Tickets were originally 450 DD, but this was lowered to 400 when the 5 USD option was added.[1]

Name Tag[]

Name Tag

Previously, Krisgoat would be able to change a user's account name if they goatmailed her. However, this changed as of the 31st of May 2014. The Name Tag was added to allow users to change their name without having to go through Krisgoat.

Name Tags were originally 450 DD, but this was lowered to 400 when the 5 USD option was added.[1]

Appearance Dolls[]

All ADs from the DD shop are 200DD and most of the them are the Appearance Doll of the NPC Shopkeepers.

HA Buddy Accessories[]

All HA items are 100 DD, except for the Beauty Mark, which is 10 DD and the Party Hat Box which is 50 DD.

DN Icons[]

All DN icons are 100 DD.

Misc Items[]

The price of these items range from 5DD to 25DD. All these items (excluding the Goat Token) were added on May 9th,2021 as part of a special update[2]. The Bubble Bath related items were added on May 25, 2023 [3]

Seasonal Items[]

Seasonal items are items that rotate in and out with each season and do not retire.

Limited Edition Items[]

Items that have been permanently retired or are going to permanently retire from the diamond dust shop. Since Winter 2015, Goatlings has featured limited edition lucky boxes, which retire after a certain date.

Seasonal Lucky Boxes[]

These boxes are introduced at the start of a season, and retire at the end of it.

Sweetheart Celebration[]

These lucky boxes were available during past Sweetheart Celebrations in February.

Summer Carnival[]

These lucky boxes were available during previous Summer Night Carnivals.

Monster Masquerade[]

Two types of lucky boxes are released for the Monster Masquerade: Monster Boxes, and Mascot Boxes. 

Misc Retired Items[]

These items used to be available through the Diamond Dust Shop, but have since been retired for various reasons.

Indie Items[]

This was the site's first set of retiring items. The designs were inspired [4] by the IndieGoGo logo, although they were later modified changed[5] due to copyright issues. These items were created to fund the Goatlings IndieGogo campaign, which was to entirely recode the site from the ground up. They were in stock from 2013-2014.

DN Icons[]

The second bout of retiring items are the old DN Icons, which could be bought for 200DD each. X-mas tree[6] was the first and most hard to find of these items. They were in stock 2013-2014, each in their respected month.[7][8][9]

Lil' Sweetheart[]

Lil' Sweetheart was the second retiring DD goatling and was released in February 2014, to commemorate Valentine's Day. However, it was released a bit late and stayed in the DD shop until the end of March. [10]

Student Items[]

The student items were created and sold to help Krisgoat's friend Corbin attend college. $1 was donated for every limited edition item bought. These items were stocked during 2014.

Icelandic Items[]

Goatlings pitched in for a fundraiser to save an Icelandic goat farm in 2014. The Icelandic AD was actually a crafting recipe of the 3 other items.

Goatlings University Items[]

The Goatlings University items were created to celebrate Krisgoat's graduation from Art School. Every player onsite at the time of this event also received a free Rolled Diploma box item, which contained a Goatlings University Diploma.

Holiday Gift Bag[]

Holiday Gift Bags are a retired lucky box that was sold in the DD shop and distributed during the Holiday season for 2 years before retiring. The Speed Gemdrop no longer drops from this bag and the Level Gemdrop no longer increases a goatling's level. The Level Gemdrop briefly had a recall before the disabling of its ability[11].