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Display Name Icons (DN Icons) are small icons that can be displayed before your username. They can be bought from the Display Name Icons Shop, Variety VIP Shop, and the Cash Shop. They may also be won as prizes from Gone Fishin or the Token Machine, or dropped as loot by some baddies in Explore. There is also an Icon that can be purchased from the Goat Princess Treasure Shop, as well as DN Icons that were once available in the Diamond Dust Shop, but are now retired.

DN Icons are a one use item. Once used, they are added to your usable icons in Settings, and the item disappears. While you can switch between them freely, there is no way to withdraw them from your account back into an item.

They were added to the site on September 15th, 2013.[1]

Display Name Icons Shop[]

Variety VIP Shop[]

Gone Fishin[]


These icons can be found in the Rainbow Caverns 4, Rainbow Caverns 3 and Sea of Clouds 2 respectively.

Diamond Dust Shop[]

Token Game[]

The older icons have been moved to their respective Seasonal Antique Shop





Lucky Boxes[]

Goat Princess Treasure Shop[]

Princely Premiums VIP[]


Clover Icon[2], Sweethearts Icon[3], Pumpkin Icon[4] and Xmas Tree Icon are Retired DD Shop items.

Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange Slice Icon were Heatwave drops in 2015.

Cherry Icon could be crafted with the Cherry Items dropped by Cootie in 2015.


The first two icons are a special gift for members who contributed to the Goatlings Gazette[5]. The Gavel icon can be obtained by auctioning in Saturday Night Bidding Wars. The Possessed Crown Icon can be obtained by trading in 1 Cursed Coin at the Baleful Bootique.