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Erin says, 'Welcome to Erin's Exchange! Turn in your Daily Errands Stickers for exclusive goodies!'

Erin's Exchange was added on May 2nd, 2021 [1], and can be found at the Shopping District on Goatlings, alongside the other event shops. Members can convert their Daily Errands Sticker into points, which they can exchange for any of the items listed in the shop. The price of the items ranges from 1 to 20 stickers.

Daily Errands Sticker[]

Daily Errands Sticker is the currency used to purchase items from this shop. Daily Errands Sticker can be obtained by completing the tasks in the Daily Errands arcade game.



The only container in the prize section so far is the Bento Box, which, when opened, grants the player one of the 4 bentos listed below.