Goatlings Wiki

The Explore feature was implemented on the January 1st, 2012 [1].

Explore areas allow you to search for items, Baddies, and Sugar Stars. Defeating Baddies can earn you certain items, or their Appearance Dolls if they are wild Goatlings. Explore area maps cost 1,000 SS to play in, and can be searched 10 times per adventure. To search, a player must click on an area on the selected map, which uses up a turn. Since you can only be on one adventure at a time, players must use up all available turns to end exploring, as there is currently no way to cancel a current adventure. After your exploration has ended, you can embark on another for 1,000 SS. The Explore Archives were added on May 6th, 2023 [2], and can be accessed through the main page of the Explore area.

There are four levels of difficulty. Each difficulty currently contains 10 Explore area maps to adventure in.






Currently, no elite levels exist, but there are plans to implement them in the future.


These are seasonal Explore Areas that only appear during certain events. The loot is seasonal and always comes back the following year, with more loot added each year.