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Meal Deal HIGH RES

Original member design by Luupiikki (62598). Location: 2024 July Battle Center.

The Fast Food AD was added on July 3rd, 2024.[1] It can be obtained by battling Squid Kid and its minions in the Battle Center during July until August when it will retire. The AD and set is an original member design by Luupiikki.

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  • The Goatling is wearing a top that's a reference to a site item, the Potato Snacks item from the General Foods shop.
  • The original name of the set when it was originally submitted by their original designer was Junk Food AD, this was changed once it was picked to be made official to Meal Deal due to the bad connotation of the word Junk, this with the permission of the original designer. The name was changed for a second time on July 9th, 2024 [2] after users pointed out the name and look of some of the items were too similar to McDonalds, a fast food company that is currently being boycotted by people that are in support of Palestine after they showed explicit support to the Israeli army back in October of 2023.