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Flutter Snap was first added to the site on May 5th, 2015 [1]. It can be found at the Arcade. This game doesn't require a fee to play and functions like the popular game Rock, Paper, Scissors. You get prizes depending on how many correct guesses in a row you make; however, there's a limit of 50 plays per hour. After that time, the game resets itself, and you can play again.

On May 28th, 2018 [2], Flutter Snap was updated to add the Dreamy Butterfly AD and 18 new butterflies, many of which were original member designs.

You can check your butterfly collection anytime by going to your profile, clicking on the collection link, and going to the butterflies tab.

Game Functions[]

Butterfly Functions
  • The game functions like Rock, Paper, Scissors. A butterfly beats a flower, a flower beats a net, and a net beats a butterfly.
  • Unlike Higher or Lower, a draw results in a loss. This will always reset your streak to 0.


One can get prizes for winning.

  • At one win, 1,000 SS is awarded.
  • Every three consecutive wins, you are allowed to have a "snapshot" of a butterfly that can be added to a collection. There's also a low chance you can get the Dreamy Butterfly AD instead.
  • After 10 consecutive wins, 100,000 SS is awarded.


Trophies and the high score table [3] were implemented on August 8th, 2015 [4]. Players with the 3 highest scores have the chance to claim a Trophy, Sugar Stars, or Lucky Dip (a random amount of SS). Players will be awarded a Trophy that corresponds to their position at the end of the week. High-scores restart at the beginning of each month. A trophy can be added to Collections, galleries, pet treasure, sold, or traded.


  • Goatlings user Kibby stated that the game's idea of taking pictures of butterflies was based on the game Pokemon Snap.
  • The original programming made it so that a streak of 20 wins would reward 100,000 SS, but the news post and instructions listed 10 consecutive wins. It was later fixed down to 10 after causing confusion among players [5].