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Gone Fishin is an arcade game where players have the chance to catch collectible fish or other miscellaneous items every 15 minutes at the cost of 500 Sugar Stars. There's also a small chance of getting a Goat Token[1]. In addition to the possibility of catching an item when casting their line, players have a chance of winning the jackpot, which is pooled from the entry fee each game. Fish that are successfully caught can be added to the Aquarium section of the user's collections. It was added to the Arcade on April 3rd, 2014 [2]. On July 13th, 2014, it received a second update that included more items to collect and four exclusive ADs [3].

On September 17th, 2022, the game received an update where most of the items were either redrawn or revamped [4] and 41 brand new items were added, including a new AD, the Betta AD. All the designs were done by the official art team.

Collectable Waterlife[]

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Miscellaneous Items[]


A jackpot can be won randomly by any player. The winning amount is determined by how much was gathered from the entry fee before the winner "catches" it, with the lowest a user can win being 500 SS. The amount of SS gets reset every time a jackpot is pulled.


Old Designs[]

On September 17th, 2022 [5], most of the items were revamped, and several others were added to the pool of drops. Here is what they previously looked like.

Fishing Badge


  • On August 10th, 2022, an Archive [6] was added to this game in preparation for the artwork update.
  • The 2022 revamp and update included some changes. Dead Fish was changed to Zombie Fish, which also included a drastic change in its artwork. The same happened to the Shard of Glass, which was renamed Glass Scale.
  • Several of the new fish are inspired in Goatling designs made by staff previously: Fiddle Fish is inspired by the Violinist AD, Pond Koi is inspired by the Pondling AD and RAD; all of these were designed by r00p. Starry Fish seems to be inspired by the Polar Ursa AD and Rainbow Fish may be inspired by the Rainbow Flight AD; all 4 designs are by Lostysaur.
  • The Imp Fish is inspired by the Imp BP, which was a prize during the 2018 Monster Masquerade.
  • On March 27th, 2024 [7] the drop rates for collectibles, fishes and ADs was balanced so all items have the same chance to drop (unlike before where Fish Goatlings, Fishing Badge and some fishes like the Fighting Fish had a much lower chance of being caught).