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RADs (or Rare Appearance Dolls) are special color variants of regular ADs typically found in Explore Areas, including Seasonal Explore Areas, or through special events such as Fundraisers. In recent years, more RADs have been added to the NPC Shops and can even be found in the Token Game.

The concept was first introduced as a grand prize for the Monster Masquerade event of 2017, which was a RAD version of the Haunted Doll AD, the 2017 Haunted Portrait RAD.

There are currently 54 RADs, with more RADS expected to be released in the future.


These RADs can currently be found and actively earned in different parts of the game.

Explore Area[]

There are currently 22 RADs available in the Explore Area.

Seasonal Explore Area[]

Battle Center[]

VIP Shop[]

Token Game[]



These RADs were available for a short amount of time and are now retired. The only way to get them is through trading with other users or purchasing from user shops.