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During the month of December, all goatlings get together to celebrate the Sugar Star Festival. This event only lasts for the duration of December. During this time, all goatlings save their biggest and most precious Sugar Stars to make them into charms. These charms are given to others before midnight. Each charm has its own meaning.

Sugar Star Charm Boxes are sold for 1 DD in the Cash Shop, while the individual charms are sold for 2 DD.

During this month, Goat Princess distributes Sugar Star Charm Boxes via the Princess Gift.

The event started in 2016 [1] and has continued since.

Sugar Star Charm Box[]

Sugar Star Charm Meanings[]

Charm Meaning


I care about you, you're my good friend!
Blue You're appreciated, I'm glad you're here!
Yellow Good luck and prosperity in the New Year!
Purple I love you!
Orange I'm sorry.
Green I forgive you.

Thank you!

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