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Summer Night Carnival, or SNC, is an annual eight-week event that runs from July until the end of August. Unlike Monster Masquerade, there are no teams involved. Instead, members play in carnival games and battle exclusive new baddies to earn Carnival Tickets to spend on either other member booths or official carnival prizes from the prize shop [1].

Carnival Games[]

During the Summer Night Carnival, one way to earn tickets is by playing official carnival games. There are 6 official carnival games that you can participate in. Each booth hosted in the Bulletin Boards is manually judged and given out by staff. Entries that are not submitted properly will be rejected and given a chance to be fixed and resubmitted.


Every week throughout the event, a raffle is held. A new round opens every Sunday and ends on Saturday. Members will be given one free ticket upon entry and 1,000 SS, and will need to re-enter every week in order to participate. Each round, 25 lucky winners will be given 25 Carnival Tickets and will be announced in a news post. Winners will only get a ping mention in the News post with no additional notifications and be automatically credited with Carnival Tickets in their inventory.


Face Painting Booth[]

The Face Painting Booth is held every 2 weeks, giving the game a total of 4 rounds, with each round having new themes to work with. In this booth, you help paint the faces of 4 Goatlings with the theme they requested. Members can earn 5 tickets for completing these themes each round (the 4th goat, 'Your Choice', is optional). All skill levels are welcome to participate.

To participate, you will need to download the provided template in the games forum, color it in with a digital art program, or print it out and use traditional mediums. You're allowed to add accessories like wings, glasses, or anything else. Images must be appropriate for kids under 13 to view. The finished work must be as recognizable as the theme it represents. Once you're done with the artwork, you will need to upload the art to an image hosting site, such as Imgur, and post it in the forum with the HTML image tag. Examples of prompts are shown below.

HA Buddy Fashion Booth[]

Using items in your closet, put together a set of 3 summery HA Buddies with the 3 themes provided at the booth. There is a 4th optional "Your choice" theme, but it's for fun and doesn't count towards your entry. You can dress them however you like, but they need to stay within the theme. It is recommended that you save the images, reupload them to an image hosting site, and post them with the HTML image tag.

When accepted, you will earn 5 Carnival Tickets.

Photography Show[]

The Photography Show booth is a game where you pick 3 of the provided themes, take pictures of them, and post them in the thread. The pictures you take must be new and must have been taken by yourself or by a parent/guardian who is assisting you. Pictures of food or crafts that you made or bought would also need to be recent. You could not take pictures of yourself or any identifiers of your home/location, and you could not take images from the internet.

Just like the Face Painting Booth, you would need to reupload your images and use the HTML image tag to post. When accepted, you will earn 5 Carnival Tickets.


At the Storytime booth, you get to write a short story or poem about what your favorite Goatling did during the Summer Night Carnival. The writing must be your own, must be new, and must be appropriate for kids under 13 to view. The story or poem needs to be between 300 to 5,000 characters, give or take a few.

When accepted, you will earn 5 Carnival Tickets.

Member Run Booths[]

A unique aspect of this event is the ability for members to mass run "booths" or mini-events for art, raffles, and forum games. Every year, member booths will be different, but they will always be run in the member events forum. For hosting a booth, members will get 10 tickets, while recommending them will get them 5. These can only be redeemed once per event.

Retired Booths[]

These booths are no longer running, with no signs or word of their return.

Fish Scooping Booth[]

Every 2 weeks until the end of the Carnival, members could roll the dice in this booth to obtain 5 Fish Bags for an odd number rolled or 10 Bags for an even number rolled. This process was changed later, and instead Goat Princess would hand out a free bag every day between 10 and 11PM Goat Time with the codeword: FISH.

Battle Center, Crafting, and Explore[]

During the event, the exclusive baddy Tuff Stuff arrives at the Battle Center. His drops, excluding his stamp, can be crafted as an alternative way to obtain Carnival Tickets. Round One starts in July, while Round Two begins in August. In 2020 [2], his Stamps could be converted into points to trade for special prizes at the Tuff Stuff Fan Booth.


During the first year of the Carnival, the Battle Center had themed loot related to the event, such as the Cotton Candy Clown AD during July and the Popcorn Vendor AD during August. This was only available during 2019 before the Midnight Carnival Explore Area was introduced and replaced this feature. It is unknown if the Battle Center will feature more ADs related to the event in the future.


Crafting Recipe for the Carnival Ticket that you could create at Zorura's shop.

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Result

Clip On Stache


Stick On Tattoo


Balloon Barbells


Carnival Ticket

Midnight Carnival[]

The special seasonal event explore area was added in 2020 [3]. There is currently two areas with Carnival themed baddies and Goatlings, such as the Carnival Tiger, with more loot expected to be added every year.

Limited Edition Diamond Dust Lucky Box[]

A new lucky box is added and is exclusively sold during the Carnival. They all retire at the end of August.


Two lucky boxes were added in 2019. The Fanny Pack contained the Ticket Vendor HA set, while the Fish Bag contained the Betta HA set along with 7 fish plushies. They are now retired.



The special Lucky Diamond Dust Box for 2020 was the Music Box by BerryMilk. It is now retired [4].



The special Lucky Diamond Dust Box for 2022 was the Unicorn Kid Bag by official staff artist Lostysaur. It is now retired [5].



There wasn't a set during 2022.


The special Lucky Diamond Dust Box for 2023 was the Soft Lullaby Sleep Sand by Snow. It is now retired [6].


Treasure Trivia and Shop Updates[]

During the event, there are regular shop updates and normal Treasure Trivia updates relating to the event.


Fair Food Update (2019)[]

The following items were stocked in General Foods.


The following items were stocked in the Bakery.



  • The event started early in 2019 for members to get a head start on their own booths [7], and a few starter events were added [8]. Everything officially started in mid-July.
  • The DD boxes for this event always retire (as stated in LC).
  • The event was suggested inearly 2019, making the first year of the event a very ambitious project for the Goatlings team.
  • In subsequent years, more games may be added or changed.
  • The Fanny Pack DD originally had a carnival ticket in it, but was changed within an hour. Users who received tickets could have them exchanged for Fanny Packs by messaging Krisgoat after it happened.
  • The Fish Scooping Booth was only available during 2019.
  • According to the 2019 main event thread, Treasure Trivia was originally going to be a weekly event but was changed back to a normal monthly event [9].

2020 Updates:

  • A special event area was added to the Explore Area (Midnight Carnival). In 2019, the Summer Carnival themed ADs could only be found in the Battle Center.
  • 3 Games were added to the existing ones: HA Buddy fashion show, Photography Show, and Storytime. This also parallels Monster Masquerade Events.
  • The Tuff Stuff Fan Booth was added because the Tuff Stuff had a disproportionate higher rate of dropping stamps compared to his other drops.

2022 Updates:

  • In 2022, there wasn't a special DD set due to both sets for the Support Boxes (the new one being released early that year) being available for purchase only during July (the month when the carnival happens and because during Justice June the Support Boxes take a break, so all earnings are focused towards that fundraiser). The DD set returned in 2023 with the Soft Lullaby AD.