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'Ticket Vendor says, Welcome! Trade your Carnival Tickets for prizes!'

The Ticket Vendor Prize Booth started operating on July 7th, 2020 [1]. This shop can be found at the Shopping District on Goatlings, alongside the other event shops. It is open to members all year long for them to exchange Carnival Tickets for prizes. Players can earn tickets in various ways during the Summer Night Carnival. In order to exchange tickets for prizes, one must convert their current stock of tickets from their inventory into Carnival Ticket Points.

Exclusive Loot[]

There are currently 4 prize tiers: mini, medium, big, and jumbo. Each year, prizes are added to these tiers and do not retire. In 2019, a total of 15 items were added as prizes [2]. In 2020, a total of 26 new items were added, along with the previous 15, to the new Prize Booth. In 2021, a total of 35 new items (including those inside the containers) were added [3] .

Mini Prizes[]

These prizes are obtainable by trading in 1 ticket. In 2020, Wrapped Rock Candy and its 9 flavors were added. In 2021, the Sticky Goat Toy was the only item added to this tier. In 2022, the Clown Makeup and Huggabulls were added.

Medium Prizes[]

These prizes can be traded for 3 tickets. This tier was added in 2020, with Vendor fries being the only item added. In 2021, three brand new items were added: Chocolate Banana, Ice Cream Spheres, and Twisty Mallows. In 2022, the Fruit Punch Barrel was the only item added here.

Big Prizes[]

These prizes can be traded for 5 tickets. In 2020, Crane game prizes, Fry Vendor, and Band Kid's HA buddy items were added to the shop. In 2021, Carnival Booths, Twisty Tails, and 3 containers were added to the shop. In 2022, the Yeehonk plush and HA buddy items were added to the shop. In 2023, the newest additions to the shop were a set of plushies designed by official staff member Lostysaur.

Jumbo Prizes[]

These prizes are obtainable by trading 10 tickets to the Ticket Vendor NPC. In 2020, Fry Vendor AD, Band Kid AD, Cotton Candy Icon, Crane Game Veil and BG, and Fox and Princess Masks were added to the shop. In 2021, the Frog Friend Plush was the only item added to this tier. In 2022 [4], Yeehonk was the only AD and Jumbo prize added.


  • After getting feedback from members, prizes will not retire and instead stock up.
  • In 2019, in order for members to trade their tickets for prizes, they had to create a trade in the Barter Bazaar, @ the NPC in the message, and write in what prize they wanted. The Prize Booth was created to replace this old system.
  • In 2020, Jumbo Prizes could be traded for 10 tickets instead of 12.
  • In 2021, the newest Goatlings were added to containers with full sets instead of single ADs.
  • In 2021, the Tuff Stuff plush was moved from this shop to the Tuff Stuff Fan Booth.
  • 2023 was the first year no new ADs were added to the shop.
  • The item Greetings Goatling Doll added in 2023 seems to be a reference to Hello Kitty, though this hasn't been confirmed by staff.