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The Tip A Mod Fundraiser event is an optional fundraiser where players can send a money tip to staff members, as players have previously shown interest in directly supporting staff in the past. It was launched for the first time on January 18th, 2023 [1]. Like Justice June, the fundraiser and its exclusive items return annually and remain open for an entire month. It can be found in the Fundraisers tab in the Community Center on site during the months of December/January.

Krisgoat mentions that you can show support in many ways to the dedicated staff, such as by sending love, sending encouraging messages, enjoying playing on Goatlings, and being excited about updates. TAM was created as an opportunity for players to give staff extra financial support by donating to the fundraiser as a show of appreciation. They also ask that members only donate if they "are comfortable and able to send tips as a thank you... We encourage members to only tip what they can personally afford, and what they are personally comfortable with donating." All the funds raised at the end will be given to the mods and artists listed on the fundraiser's page.

Exclusive Items[]

The amount a player donates accumulates and stacks during the event. The donation reward limit ends at $90 in total during the duration of the event, and donations greater than $90 in total will not reward any items. The listed items below are awarded as a thank you gift to those who donate, with each tier going up by $5.

  • $5 to $40 reward tiers awards the donor a Divine Guardian Box along with a guaranteed item you can gain from the box.
  • $45 to $80 reward tiers award the donor a Divine Guardian RAD Box along with a guaranteed item you can gain from the box.
  • Players may also gain Adoption Tickets from the $85 and $90 tier.

Bonus Reward[]

The TAM fundraiser introduces a new benefit feature on site: the Design Pass, which allows a player to choose an unofficial goat and/or item design(s) of their choice to be added in game. Design Pass holders can use their own designs/ideas, or (with permission) designs/ideas with up to 2 other members. All members involved with the design(s) will receive a copy of the items they created.

The pass itself is not a tangible item and cannot be traded/sold, nor can a holder accept bribes from other members to collaborate with. The pass must be redeemed within a year of receiving it.

Only the top 6 donors of TAM will receive a Pass as a thank-you gift from staff. The list of donors is hidden to prevent unhealthy competition among donors, and staff will not reveal who is on the list during the event to anyone. A top donor may also reject the pass if they want, allowing them to pass it on to the next eligible member.

According to Krisgoat's thank-you post, donors may also request to stay anonymous during the process of the design being worked on [2]. The design pass page also mentions that a Design Pass holder can either remain anonymous or be credited in the official news post once the design is complete. Completed official designs get added to the Princely Premiums VIP shop.


  • In its launch year of 2023, the campaign reached its $1,000 goal before the fundraiser was officially announced in the news.