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'Oh hey! Did you see that new item being stocked in the shops? I want 20!'

Treasure Trivia is an arcade game where users try to guess the identity of a mystery item based on a pixelated image of the item. A new trivia is set to start within the first week of each month and will come with a new prize and 30,000 SS. When the game was first added to the site on April 25th, 2014, items were set to retire once a new game started [1]. As of January 3rd, 2015, prizes no longer retire and instead stock as a rare item in the Shopping District [2], and since October of 2022, most items are being stocked in the Variety VIP shop. Answers are case-sensitive and can only be submitted once per game.

The goatling running this shop doesn't have an official name yet, and currently there is no Appearance Doll that resembles them, but their design is up for votes in the shopkeeper contest [3]. The items they're wearing are the Luck Dragon Mask and the Rain Amulet. The items around them are the Ink Bottle Blue, Gold Quill Leaf, Grape Drink, Little Goat Ring, and My Lovely Horse 4. Most of those items can be purchased from the Shopping District, except the Luck Dragon Mask, which is a retired item, and the Little Goat Ring, which is a drop of the Pointeling Baddy.

Retired Items[]

These limited edition items are no longer available and can only be obtained through trading from other users who have them.

Shopping District Items[]

Items cycle out once a new month rolls over and will not be rewarded through the game again, but previous prizes can still be purchased at the Shopping District.


  • The Sugar Star Bonus that comes when a player would guess the item correctly was raised from 3,000 SS to 30,000 SS on March 9th, 2024 [4].