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??? says, 'Welcome, welcome! Come on in! We only stock the most valuable of treasures here. Very good deals! And you're just in time for our special half off sale!'

Trickster's Tavern first appeared during the Jestling Event in 2021 [1]. This shop can be found at the Shopping District on Goatlings, alongside the other event shops. Members can convert their Phun Bux items for points, which they can then exchange for any of the items listed in the shop. New items will be added each year, and the ones already in the shop are forever stocked and won't retire.

Phun Bux[]

Phun Bux is the currency used to purchase items from this shop. Phun Bux can be obtained by opening a Jest Bank, through Random Events, or by crafting with a Wet Cardboard, a Chewed Cardboard, and a Dry Marker. In 2022, it was also dropped by the Jestling Doppelganger in Misty Meadows 4. In 2023, it was dropped from both the Splat ??? and the Egg Doppelganger. In 2024 it was also dropped from both Doppelgangers, Silly Face and Silly Hat.


Prices range from 20 Phun Bux for Appearance Dolls as the most expensive items, 7 bux for crafting ingredients, and 2 bux for extras like collectibles and HA buddy items. The Breaking News item, that contains the City Destroyer AD is the only item priced at 10 phun bux and the only Goatling that can be obtained from a container so far.