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"Rotten Candy says, 'Welcome! Trade your Tuff Stuff Stamps for prizes!'"

The Tuff Stuff Fan Booth was added to the Community Center on July 11th, 2020 [1], as a bonus shop. This shop can now be found at the Shopping District on Goatlings, alongside the other event shops. Users can turn the Tuff Stuff stamps into currency to purchase bonus carnival prizes, with new items being added every year. The shopkeeper is Rotten Candy, an original member design by Sphynx, previously known as Stahl.


The prices range from 25 Tuff Stuff Stamps Points to 100.


  • The reason the Tuff Stuff Fan Booth was created was because the Tuff Stuff Baddy had a disproportionately higher rate of stamp drops compared to his crafting loot, which made some players complain about it. Krisgoat created the shop as the solution.
  • In 2021, the Protein Shake was added to the shop and can be exchanged for 25 Stamp Points. This year, the Tuff Stuff Plush was moved from the Ticket Vendor Prize Booth where it was originally released back in 2019, to this shop, where it can be exchanged for 100 Stamp Points.
  • The update for 2022 [2] was the Tuff Stuff Bread, which can be obtained for 25 Stamp Points and was designed by fright.
  • The update for 2023 was a set of 7 items inspired by the k-pop idol stan culture that included items like a light stick and photocards. All of them were designed by official staff member r00p who's Korean and a k-pop stan.