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Keeper 9

D.W.I. says, 'Welcome to the VIP Shop!'

The Variety VIP shop (formerly known just as the VIP shop before the Princely Premiums VIP shop was introduced in 2023) is located in the Shopping District and sells HA Buddy items, Appearance Dolls, and other miscellaneous items. It was added to the site on January 6th, 2012 [1]. The shop is run by the Goatling known as D.W.I., which stands for "Deal With It", referencing the meme of the same name.

The VIP Shop is only accessible if a member has a Crown Account, which can be purchased from the Diamond Dust Shop for 1,000 DD.

An AD of D.W.I. was released alongside the other shopkeepers on May 7th, 2017 [2], and is available for purchase from the Diamond Dust Shop for 200 DD.


Appearance Dolls[]

Image Item Name Price
Item 477 Lovelyling AD 100,000 SS
Lovewarriorad Love Warrior AD 100,000 SS
Item 217 Starshine AD 100,000 SS
Item 290 Sweetie AD 200,000 SS
Rainbow Prism AD Rainbow Prism AD 100,000 SS
Violinistad2 Violinist AD 100,000 SS
LadybugAD1 Ladybug RAD 200,000 SS


Image Item Name Price
The Unknown The Unknown 175,000 SS

DN Icons[]

Image Item Name Price
Snowdrop Icon Snowdrop Icon 25,000 SS
Pearl Clam Icon Pearl Clam Icon 27,000 SS
Morning Glory Icon Morning Glory Icon 25,000 SS
Cool Goat Icon Cool Goat Icon 26,000 SS
Falling Star Icon Falling Star Icon 25,000 SS
Game Kid Icon Game Kid Icon 26,000 SS
Record Icon Record Icon 25,000 SS
TV Icon TV Icon 28,000 SS
Sunglasses Icon Sunglasses Icon 26,000 SS
Citrus Pop Icon Citrus Pop Icon 25,000 SS
Rainbow Icon Rainbow Icon 30,000 SS
Unicorn Icon Unicorn Icon 30,000 SS
SharkIcon Shark Icon 28,000 SS
Lollipop Icon Lollipop Icon 29,000 SS

HA Buddy Items[]

Image Item Name Price
Bamboo BG Bamboo BG 1,000 SS
Rain Veil Rain Veil 1,000 SS
Balloon BG Balloon BG 1,000 SS
Flower Crown Flower Crown 2,000 SS
Blush Blush 1,000 SS
Item 688 Stache 600 SS
Item 715 Leather Jacket 4,000 SS
City BG City BG 2,500 SS
Cherry Blossoms BG Cherry Blossoms BG 2,000 SS
Sparkle Veil Sparkle Veil 1,000 SS
Long Prism Hair Long Prism Hair 5,000 SS
Short Prism Hair Short Prism Hair 5,000 SS
Prism Hair Clip Prism Hair Clip 500 SS
Prism Wings Prism Wings 10,000 SS
Prism Freckles Prism Freckles 500 SS
Rainbow Veil Rainbow Veil 2,000 SS
RedFlipHair Red Flip Hair 2,000 SS
WhiteFlipHair White Flip Hair 2,000 SS
PinkFlipHair Pink Flip Hair 2,000 SS
PeachFlipHair Peach Flip Hair 2,000 SS
OrangeFlipHair Orange Flip Hair 2,000 SS
GreenFlipHair Green Flip Hair 2,000 SS
BlondFlipHair Blond Flip Hair 2,000 SS
BlueFlipHair Blue Flip Hair 2,000 SS
BrownFlipHair Brown Flip Hair 2,000 SS
BlackFlipHair Black Flip Hair 2,000 SS
Rose Top Rose Top 5,000 SS
BlackArtNouveauHair Black Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
BlondArtNouveauHair Blond Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
BlueArtNouveauHair Blue Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
BrownArtNouveauHair Brown Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
GreenArtNouveauHair Green Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
PurpleArtNouveauHair Purple Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
RedArtNouveauHair Red Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
TealArtNouveauHair Teal Art Nouveau Hair 3,000 SS
MothirellaVeil Mothirella Veil 10,000 SS
NightmareEaterVeil Nightmare Eater Veil 10,000 SS
CinnawitchVeil Cinnawitch Veil 10,000 SS
GraveyardGroomVeil Graveyard Groom Veil 10,000 SS
RibbonMummyVeil Ribbon Mummy Veil 10,000 SS
RedSneakyImpHoodie Red Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
PinkSneakyImpHoodie Pink Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
PurpleSneakyImpHoodie Purple Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
BlueSneakyImpHoodie Blue Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
GreenSneakyImpHoodie Green Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
BlackSneakyImpHoodie Black Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
SplitSneakyImpHoodie Split Sneaky Imp Hoodie 4,000 SS
MonsterHat Monster Hat 3,500 SS
GreenMonsterHat Green Monster Hat 3,500 SS
PinkMonsterHat Pink Monster Hat 3,500 SS
BlueMonsterHat Blue Monster Hat 3,500 SS
RedHeartBopper Red Heart Bopper 3,000 SS
PinkHeartBopper Pink Heart Bopper 3,000 SS
PurpleHeartBopper Purple Heart Bopper 3,000 SS
EqualizerVeil Equalizer Veil 4,000 SS


Image Item Name Price
Item 357 Game Kid 800 SS
Prism Crystals Prism Crystals 10,000 SS
FrozenHeartMirror Frozen Heart Mirror 5,000 SS
JarOfDirt Jar Of Dirt 2,000 SS
CrystalDirt Crystal Dirt 5,000 SS
HauntedDirt Haunted Dirt 2,000 SS
PumpkinDirt Pumpkin Dirt 2,000 SS
Doubloons Doubloons 4 SS
JarOfPinkHearts Jar Of Pink Hearts 3,000 SS
JarOfBlackHearts Jar Of Black Hearts 3,000 SS
JarOfGreenHearts Jar Of Green Hearts 3,000 SS
JarOfYellowHearts Jar Of Yellow Hearts 3,000 SS
JarOfBlueHearts Jar Of Blue Hearts 3,000 SS
PinkGlobeLamp Pink Globe Lamp 2,000 SS
RainbowGlobeLamp Rainbow Globe Lamp 2,000 SS
RedGlobeLamp Red Globe Lamp 2,000 SS
OrangeGlobeLamp Orange Globe Lamp 2,000 SS
GreenGlobeLamp Green Globe Lamp 2,000 SS


Image Item Name Price
Item 329 Cutie Rod 4000 SS
StrawbunnyBP Strawbunny BP 2000 SS


Image Item Name Price
PecanPieJar Pecan Pie Jar 300 SS
ApplePieJar Apple Pie Jar 300 SS
PumpkinPieJar Pumpkin Pie Jar 300 SS
ButterflyPeaTea Butterfly Pea Tea 400 SS
CannedPeaches Canned Peaches 200 SS
PumpkinPie Pumpkin Pie 500 SS
ApplePie Apple Pie 500 SS
GoatberryPie Goatberry Pie 500 SS
SugarStarPie Sugar Star Pie 500 SS
MudPie Mud Pie 500 SS
SparklingGrapeJuice Sparkling Grape Juice 200 SS
SparklingBerryJuice Sparkling Berry Juice 200 SS
SparklingCherryJuice Sparkling Cherry Juice 200 SS
SakuraLatte Sakura Latte 300 SS


Image Item Name Price
PigToaster Pig Toaster 300 SS