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"Oh! Hello there! We are the guardian fairies of this Wishing Well. Why don't you try making a wish?"

The Wishing Well is an arcade game where, for 10,000 Sugar Stars, users can wish for new future items to be added to the site. It cannot be used to wish for items already on the site, but users who do this will receive an item that is close to what they wished for. This feature was added to the site on September 20th, 2013 [1]. The Wishing Well is run by the Wishing Well Fairy Siblings. Not much is known about them except that they're an older brother and a younger sister who also run the Winter Token Game. It is likely that they will be involved in the main Goatlings plot at some point.

They both have Appearance Dolls that can be purchased in the Diamond Dust Shop for 200 DD. They're called Wishing Well Bro AD and Wishing Well Sis.

Granted Wishes[]

Appearance Dolls[]

As part of the Rainbow update, the Rainbow Prism AD was added on 19th August, 2016[2]. A Violin Music Update was added on 23rd February, 2017[3] and included the Violinist AD.

Rainbow Prism AD

Display Name Icons[]

The first group of DN Icons were added on 17th January, 2014[4] and included the Apple Bite Icon, Crescent Moon Icon, Kitty Face Icon, Neko Face Icon, Taiyaki Icon, Falling Star Icon, and the Lollipop Icon. A Koala Icon was added 8th July, 2014[5]. A Bunny Icon was added on 10th March, 2015[6]. 18 Icons were added on 10th March, 2016[7]. A Rainbow Icon was added as part of the Rainbow update on 19th August 2016. For the Violin Music update, a Musical Note Icon was added on 23rd February, 2017.

Apple bite

Toys, Food, Books[]

A Toy Car was added on 24th April, 2014[8] that was later released again for Battle Center then retired. 6 new pizza items were added on 30th May, 2014[9], with Grass Pizza being moved from the Explore Areas to the General Foods shop. The Quesadilla Smoothie item was added on 9th June, 2014[10], it was also used for Treasure Trivia and retired afterwards. A Koala Plush was added on 30th June, 2014[11] along with matching Koala Items.

An Eggplant, an Onion, and a Manatee Plush got added on 6th March, 2015[12]. A Firetail Fox Plush was added on 28th March, 2015[13]. A Pink Dolphin Plush was added on 26th May, 2015[14]. For the Wedding Update, a Wedding Cake was added along with HA buddy items on 27th June, 2015[15]. Three books were added on 4th October, 2015[16], which included the Detective Stories, Comic Book and All About Pumpkins.

For the Violin Music update, a Violin added on 23rd February, 2017. For the Slumber Party update, a Sleepy Sheep Plush was added on 28th March, 2020[17]. 6 new toys were added for the Stim Toy update on 30th April, 2020[18].

Toy Car


Eight plant related items were added on the site on 19th May 2014[19] as a plant themed update. For the Wedding Update, a Ring and Band were added on the site 27th June, 2015. Prism Crystals were added on the site on 19th August, 2016 as part of the Rainbow update.

Puff Tree

HA Items[]

Flower Crown was added on 21st May, 2014[20]. Mermaid Hair was added on 24th May, 2014[21] due to users wanting wavy hair. Eleven Veils were added on 29th September, 2014[22] with a few extra being a part of the update[23]. A big HA buddy update was added on 10th October, 2014[24], which included bases, faces, and hats from wishes made[25]. Another big HA buddy update[26] included Homestuck inspired items, new eyes, a mouth, nose, and eyebrows which were all added 15th October, 2014[27]. Halloween themed items were added on 31st October, 2014[28].

For the Wedding Update, a few HA buddy items were added on 27th June, 2015. A background update was added on 14th October, 2015[29], later another background update was added on 1st August, 2015[30]. Several colored Cat Ears[31], Reindeer Ears[32], and Bunny Ears[33] were added on 29th April, 2016. The Rainbow update brought in a few HA items on the 19th August, 2016. Two masculine updates were added on 28th January, 2018, the first being being hair and accessories[34], and the second being focused on the face[35]. Flu Masks[36], Band Aids[37], and Scars[38] were all added on10th April, 2017. A bunch of crowns were added on 26th March, 2018[39].

For the Slumber Party update, 12 HA items were added on 28th March, 2020. Piercings and more eyes were added on 7th June, 2020[40]. A bunch of Pride themed flower crowns were added on 5th June 2021[41] for Pride Month. On June 16th, 2022 [42] several different accesibility aids were added to the site.

Flower Crown

Special Presents[]


Some updates have been made under the granting wish of the Wishing Well Sis, which includes a few programming updates and item revamps.


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